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Studland Knoll House


Studland Bay has four miles of white sand backed by sand dunes. At the northern end of the bay is a naturist beach. The beach forms part of the Studland National Nature Reserve.

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Water Quality

Annual classification:

2015 Excellent

Today's Forecast

Pollution risk forecasts are not made at this site.

Facilities at Studland Knoll House beach

Food availableToiletsShopsLitter binsSlipway


There are four car parks, with varying prices throughout the year. Disabled spaces at Knoll car park.

Dog restrictions

Dogs restrictions apply 1st May to 30th September dogs on leads

Beach cleaning

Beach cleaned daily



See safety tab


Pedaloes. surf boards and kayaks can be hired at the beach. The beach is also good for swimming. sailing. windsurfing. snorkelling and fishing. There is zoning for swimming only.

Wildlife and Walks

The South West Coastal Path runs along the entire beach. The Studland Heath National Nature Reserve covers the whole peninsula. Leaflets are available from the National Trust on request. See Marine Wildlife sightings at this beach

Beach type: sand,

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Water Quality

What's tested here?

Water samples are taken at this designated bathing water by the Environment Agency, during the bathing season, from 15th May to 30th September. Find out more about designated bathing waters.

High levels of bacteria in the water can indicate pollution from sewage treatment works or polluted rain water draining from the land. Where does pollution comes from and how can you help?

Water quality can be reduced for up to 72 hours after heavy rain. Look out for temporary signs at the beach and on our website.

Annual classification

2015 Excellent

What’s does this mean?

At the end of every bathing season the water quality is classified as either-

Excellent – the highest classification meaning the water is cleanest
Good – generally good water quality
Sufficient – meets minimum standards
Poor – You are advised not to swim. The beach will stay open and an action plan should be in place to improve the water quality.

These new European standards are based on the latest health advice and are roughly twice as tough as the old ones. They use the latest four years of data, rather than a single year. Find out how they compare.

Safety, Weather & Tides

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Potential hazards at this beach

This beach is not yet classified, please see our safety tips below or contact the local beach operator for further information.

Lifeguarded locations - top five safety tips

Non-lifeguarded locations For those who can’t make it to a lifeguarded beach:

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Beach Cleans

We need you!

Our volunteers have been surveying rubbish on  UK beaches for over 20 years. In that time shoreline litter had more than doubled and plastic has gone up by 180%!

MCS beach cleans are run all year round All year round Beach Clean events with our flagship event 'Great British Beach Clean' Great British Beach Clean - 18th to 21st Sept in September.

Volunteers record the litter they find - we use this information to help Governments and industry understand how to stop the rubbish getting there in the first place. We also promote behaviour change among the public using the data collected.

MCS Beach clean events

Within 10 miles of Studland Knoll House beach

There are currently no beach cleans within 10 miles of this beach!

All of our cleans are run by volunteers so why not organise your own? We’ve got loads of information to help you get started.

Click here to see all events around the UK.

Beachwatch graphic - our success

Small changes, big differences

litter bin icon Take your rubbish home - don’t try and cram more stuff into already overflowing beach bins

recycle icon Don’t leave litter behind - take it away and recycle it

Toilet icon Only put the 3P's down the loo - Pee, Poo and Paper - everything else goes in the bin!

Wildlife Spotting

You never know what kinds of wildife you'll come across at the beach. We're interested in what you find - especially if you come across jellyfish, basking sharks or turtles. Tell us what you find.

Find out the latest news and information on marine wildlife from around the UK.

Note: This page shows reports of sightings of jellyfish, basking sharks and turtles ONLY, as MCS holds national databases for these species. Don't be alarmed if it looks like there are lots of jellyfish in the area, they are fascinating creatures. We always advise "look but don't touch".

Latest reported sightings

Within 10 miles of Studland Knoll House beach

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Jess Merritt
on 19 Jul 2016

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Sharon Snelgrove
on 17 Jul 2016

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Matt Shaylor
on 17 Jul 2016

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Kerrie Osborne
on 17 Jul 2016

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Malcolm Waite
on 17 Jul 2016

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Robbie Cake
on 16 Jul 2016

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Chris Witheford
on 16 Jul 2016

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Kerrie Osborne
on 12 Jul 2016

Jellyfish sightedJellyfish seen here by Emma Christison
on 17 Jun 2016

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